Bitcoin exchange balance fell to minimum since January 2018

Investors have been withdrawing bitcoins from trading floors over the past few months. The positive effect began to be felt already in October, when the value of the cryptocurrency began to aggressively add.

According to Arcane Research, exchanges currently have the lowest BTC volume since January 2018. For Bitcoin, the reduction in the exchange balance is a positive factor contributing to its long-term strengthening. Seller Pressure Eases Since Last Month.

The outflow of BTC is observed by almost all major platforms, including Binance, Coinbase and Huobi.

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Traders withdrew about 21,000 coins from the Binance exchange in a week, according to the report of the researchers. About 8000 bitcoins left the Huobi platform during the same time. In October, the cryptocurrency exchange balance fell to 12.94% of the total BTC supply (2.44 million coins).

Analysts emphasized that a total of 27,500 bitcoins left trading platforms in a week.

Investors withdraw not only BTC from exchanges, but also ether. According to ViewBase, 309,936 ETH for a total of up to $ 1.31 billion left trading platforms in a month. On the night of Friday, October 29, Bitcoin and Ether are trading at $ 60,985 and $ 4249, respectively.

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