Egor Gerasimov

As expected, Gerasimov did not manage to stay in the top 100 for a long time. The problem is that Egor holds only a few successful tournaments during the season, and the rest of the time, at best, alternates victories with defeats. A Belarusian can lose to absolutely any opponent when something goes wrong on the court. In addition, Gerasimov is extremely prone to recessions.

Gerasimov has a tight feed, feels confident�himself near the net and acts on the court in an over-attacking manner. At the same time, Egor makes too many unforced mistakes, even in victorious matches. The Belarusian tries to aggravate from any position and only occasionally wins back in defense. It is worth noting the dependence on the first serve.

Vasek Pospisil

When Pospisil is in optimal shape and has consistent playing practice, he is competitive at the highest level. However, recently Vashek has been performing with long breaks, all because of health problems. The Canadian still has access to ATP tournaments, but has not played in the final stages for a long time. Yes, and in the top 100 Pospisil is kept only due to the fact that points were not written off in full for a long time.

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Pospisil practices serve and volley play style. However, the Canadian does not run to the net on a permanent basis, but only after prepared shots or serve. If necessary, a tennis player is able to act even on the defensive, he skillfully wields cut strikes, due to which he keeps the ball in the court for a long time. In critical situations, Vashek can always rely on the cannon feed.

Analysis of the fight

There are tennis players who are on the decline and are far from optimal shape. At the same time, both Gerasimov and Pospisil stand out for their powerful serve and regularly go to the net. The match will take place on hard indoor, where the ball rebound is not only fast, but also low. I expect the upcoming fight to drag on. If we talk about the winner, then here is 50/50.

Photo: Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images Sport

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